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Teknia White Silver Mask

Teknia White Silver Mask

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Beautiful white, grey or blonde hair is in high demand because it reflects luminosity and has a radiant shine. These hair colours are glamorous and have a unique personality. The appearance of yellow or overly warm tones can ruin that coveted image. It’s essential to counteract these undesirable tones and recover the original colour.


White Silver gives blonde hair back it’s clarity and cool luminosity. It neutralises and eliminates unwanted yellow highlights from white hair. It’s enriches, hydrates and revives the hair’s purity and shine. It’s formula with organic white lotus flower gives softness, hydration and a purity and intense shine to natural hair.

How to use 

Apply evenly to clean, towel dried hair. Leave for a minimum of 5 minutes. Rinse.

Vegan Formula . Mineral oil Free . Paraben Free