How to Detangle your hair- A girls best friend

How to detangle your hair- A girls best friend

Hello, it’s me again! Today I am going to educate you a little more about our good old trusty friend, our hairbrush. I hear horror stories about hair brushes being on their last legs… you know the brushes that I’m talking about. The ones we keep using with broken handles and oh boy… dare I say it’s missing bristles that you sometimes find stuck in your hair. Well it’s time to say goodbye whether that’s a quick farewell or a long hooray, that brush needs to go because I’m telling you that it’s doing nothing other than giving you a incentive to not brush your hair daily.

Did you know there ARE benefits to brushing your hair regularly? I’m not just referring to having a knot free mane. Brushing stimulates the capillaries of the scalp, that then increases blood flow and circulation which gives hair follicles nutrients therefore encouraging hair growth. It also distributes natural oil throughout your hair which is a natural conditioner and one of the best on the market might I say. These are just some of the many important reasons to look at investing in a new hair brush and adding this to your daily routine.

There are plenty of brushes on the market and I don’t want you throwing your hard earned dollars out the door on brushes that don’t do what they are meant to, which is why I’m back to give you my favorites for detangling brushes. Before we dive in, I just want to cover the types of brushes available. Just because it has the word brush in the name doesn’t mean it’s for detangling..pretty misleading if you ask me. For blow drying there are round brushes which create volume, there is paddle brush for creating smooth blow outs and a Vent brush for creating both volume and movement.

Now there are other brushes out there at department stores and pharmacies that say they are designed for brushing and de knotting - that is true they most probably will do that. But what they don’t say is they will damage your hair in the process because the bristles and brush pad aren’t designed for that…

Tangle Tezzer Original

 Launched in the 2007 this is an oldie but a goodie, and definitely a personal fav of mine. From its palm sized handle to its innovative two-tiered teeth system which smooths with a single brush stroke. This brush can be used in and out of the shower to provide you with a knot free result. It’s available in a lot of beautiful colours and neat designs to appeal to both younger and older generations. It achieves all this with its flex teeth design gives minimal discomfort or damage while massaging the scalp for happier follicles. What’s not to love?


Wet Brush Original & Pro

 This brush, is not like any that I have used before. I actually remember telling many of you this, how many of you have made the purchase still in skeptical about my claims, only to message me hours later to confirm that this brush is AMAZING! That’s because I would never sell anything that I wouldn’t use myself. With its ultra-soft IntelliFlex bristles that glide through the hair for a more reduced pain, detangle free result while protecting your hair from breakage and spilt ends.

 I also need to make mention about brushing technique ladies. To prevent breakage and remove all your knots and tangles when brushing, the method you use is just as important as the brush.

I always suggest starting by brushing out the ends and detangling them before working your way up the hair to your roots. You will definitely find this easier and painless compared to the memory of how your mum use to rip through your hair from root to ends – one that I wish I could forget might I add. My extra tip is to divide the hair up into four sections (like a hot cross bun) and this will make brushing quicker and this way you will remove all the knots. 

I’m sure this will help with you when it comes time to replacing that brush, hopefully sooner rather than later I’m sure. As always I am here if you have any questions whether you want to chat at your next appointment or send me a message via the salon Facebook page. Take care. Talk soon x