How to Detangle your hair- A girls best friend

How to avoid a hair pandemic : Episode Two – How to bring your hair back to life

Hey you, it’s me again I am back with another post that is as informative as the last. This one may require you to have a cup of coffee in hand but I can assure you it is WELL worth the read. Firstly, congratulations for making it through alert level four. It was tough but we proved how strong we are, by staying inside to protect the ones we love. As you are adjusting life in level three and are madly counting down until the days you can finally get back into the salon, it may be a good idea to give your hair a little extra love –remind it that you still care.
How, you may find yourself asking? One word. Treatments! I knowwwwww, you may be thinking ‘just another product’ that you have to leave in your hair for 15 minutes while awkwardly standing there, looking at your reflection and wishing that time away. Or you have to get out of the shower with it in your hair, product running all over your face whilst it’s burning your eyes, and you think “is this really what my life has become”? Don’t stress, it is okay, we have all had these same thoughts. But do you know what? Treatments are easy, and are the BEST products to give your hair what it’s lacking. Consider it the same as what vitamins do for your body. A professional salon treatment has the right balance of goodness and quality ingredients for your hair with no nasty silicones, sulphates or fillers because these unfavorable ingredients that you would generally find in a store bought treatment, build up on your hair over time. This makes it much harder to colour (and much more expensive) your hair which results in more trips to seeing me at the salon, in order to achieve those dream hair styles. Don’t get me wrong I love to see you, but I also want the best for your hair. Leave in or rinse out treatments, are they all the same? No, of course they are all different, it would be far too easy for them all to do the same thing. Let’s take a look at a few different types. You can use their benefits to see which you think is the best for you. Leave in treatments can be incorporated to ANY hair regime and are usually used daily to every third day. These generally assist with hydration, detangling, thermal/UV protection between shampoos, and most leave in treatments can be applied to damp or dry hair. Perfect! A treatment that requires very little admin.

A friendly reminder that a leave in treatment does NOT replace your conditioner, and it’s simply the icing on the cake. This is the reason that you may hear me referring to them as a quick fix as they are instant, quick to apply and you can feel the benefits straight away. Here I have listed a couple of products that I love using on myself or on my clients in the salon.

Replends crème

This Crème hydrates, protects from UV, thermal and mechanical damage while reducing split ends. This is a leave in and is very easy to use. I find that the bottle lasts FOREVER as a little bit goes a long way. The best kind of product and it is versatile as it can be applied to wet or dry hair. See, easy!

Nak Hydrate Mist

This is a light weight mist which is great if you are worried about products weighing your hair down. It’s also provides excellent UV, thermal and mechanical protection while restoring moisture and strength. It comes in a spray so can be easily misted on the hair. This my go to product for detangling young girls’ hair. A lifesaving tip to avoid those morning blues.

Rinse out treatments are a deep conditioning treatment that works by internally repairing the hair shaft from the inside out. So basically these work like vitamins, but unlike them they have almost instant results. They revive, strengthen and repair all at once while making your hair feel soft, silky, adding shine and lock in your colour. They replace your regular conditioner and are applied to clean, damp hair. Depending on the treatment you choose, they can be left on for as little as a minute or up to 15 minutes for a more intensive result. I can discuss this with you upon deciding what treatment will achieve the best results for what you are wanting.

Ultimate treatment and Platinum Blonde Treatment

Now these gems are the best to have on hand, especially if you have already decided that a rinse out treatment wasn’t for you. Wait for it…! Both of these luxurious treatments only need to stay on your hair for 60 seconds!! Yip that’s right they rejuvenate hair in 60 seconds. Which for me is a lifesaver because time is of the essence! It returns strength, shine and balance to the hair structure and smooths rough, porous hair strands into a soft and manageable condition. Another really good benefit is that it helps with treating those ends that have been damaged by heated styling tools or from environmental factors such as too much sun. With it just being summer, we could all do with some of this TLC. The only difference is that with the platinum blonde anti yellow treatment, it has blue-violet pigments that gently tone blonde hair to manageable unwanted brassy tones. So like an in built toner, which is a win for all those with blonde hair!

Replends Moisture Mask

A newbie to the block! This product was only released last year and it was created for all the fans of Replends crème. It is what I would call a hero moisturising mask which is designed to rehydrate, soften and detangle hair. It leaves your hair feeling soft, silky and your luscious locks will be a breeze to detangle. It’s great for moisture deprived hair, also benefiting hair types that struggle to retain moisture and softness. This treatment must be left in for 1-5 min. This is like hand cream but for your hair. How much nicer do your hands feel after moisturising? Imagine that but with your hair…

But… have you heard the term less is more? This is VERY relevant here for two reasons.. ONE: Using heaps of product to try speed up the repair process, isn’t going to work as your hair will only absorb what it needs. So realistically you will just end up making really expensive shower water and watching your cash run down the drain. TWO: Most hair types only need a rinse out treatment added to its regime once a week or even once a fortnight, but this frequency is determined by your hair stylist.
Which brings me to the last but most very important tip! When choosing your treatment it’s important to get the right one for your needs by simply chatting to me at your next appointment or messaging me on the salon Facebook page 
I am always happy to help. So, send me a message. Let’s have a chat. I am dying to know how you and your beautiful locks are getting on. Until next time x