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How to avoid a Hair Pandemic: Episode One- Avoiding the colour Aisle at the Supermarket

Hello you beautiful human, yes you. How are you getting on? How are your luscious locks looking? One thing we both have in common is that we are both itching to get back into the salon, which fingers crossed won’t be too much longer. As we all know things are pretty challenging at moment, and the last thing I want you be worried about are those sneaky few silver hairs shimmering in the daylight or that dreaded unwanted landing strip that shows generally four to six weeks after your last appointment .Most of us want to serve these an eviction notice - that’s when the panic sets in and then before you know it your googling box dyes right? Congratulations you are normal! We have all been there but I want to tell you that now is NOT the time to panic. I am here to support you because I understand that hats, hair scarves, and Instagram filters are not the most practical solution for everyone (nor should they have to be).

If you haven’t heard of these already then I am about to blow your mind and expand your knowledge. What if I told you that there are some products out there that won’t affect your next colour appointment but will also help your current regrowth situation?

There are a range of temporary retouch sprays, crayons and powders out there to suit your needs and are easily accessible during these trying times. For your convenience I have listed some below that I personally have had great success with. However this is not to say there aren’t other great ones out there, but I can assure you that these will not let you down. 

Colour Wow Root Cover Up 

A powder to cover my regrowth you say? How can it be that simple? It is a product that will leave you saying “wow as the name suggests because it is so simple to use. You can cover your regrowth with this in minutes by applying this multi-dimensional mineral powder that blends seamlessly with no mess, no fuss and leaves no residue. Many have been truly ‘wowed’ by this product and along with all the awards it has won, I can definitely understand why!

 Oribe Airbrush Root Touch Up

It is like dry shampoo but with colour! This life changing product instantly covers your silver hairs and regrowth between appointments by using their microfinepigments to blend seamlessly with your natural shade. This magic spray is great for someone on the go with it being quick and convenient to apply.  The product also comes enriched with a quick-drying powder formula that also absorbs dirt and oil to refresh your hair while touching up your roots. It really is a game changer. 

Roux Tween Time Touch Up Colour Stick

This product is like lipstick but for your hair, and it does not wear off as quick. This option may be preferred for someone who doesn’t want a saturated coverage look.This product will cover your unwanted silver hairs but comes with a more natural, blended look which simply rinses off in the shower. A little bit more admin, but you reap the rewards when you dry your hair and see the difference.

 Now before you get carried away (and as excited as I am about these fabulous products), there are just a couple of precautions to keep in mind. I cannot stress enough the importance of patch testing any new product you choose to use, as you do not want to have a reaction. Also make sure you remove any of these products from your hair prior to your colour appointments.

I cannot wait to see all your gorgeous faces back in the salon very soon! Until then I will try to assist you as best as I can with some informative posts. If you need any support in using these products please feel free to send me a message on the Allure Facebook Page . Keep safe, continue to be kind and PLEASE stay away from the hair dye that you purchase in boxes x