How to Detangle your hair- A girls best friend

Brassy Today, Blonde Tomorrow

Hello again. What’s on the agenda today? While enjoying my morning beverage, I was thinking about you.. NO, definitely not a in creepy way. I was thinking about your blonde hair because it’s been a while since I’ve seen you. How’s it looking? A bit dull? Flat? Let’s be honest and acknowledge the elephant in the room.. that yellow tinge is back again isn’t it? You know that undesirable colour that crawls in over time, yep that’s the one we hate. Have you ever tried it fix it by using a product, to only end up looking like Marge Simpson. We have all been there once or twice. I’m guessing now that your probably nervous to try a another product for the fear of repeating this ‘never to speak about’ disaster. I don’t want your blonde hair suffering in silence anymore! I’m here to offer you solutions to say goodbye to yellow and hello blonde.

First things first. Did you know ALL hair colours fade? Well it’s true, even permanent colour isn’t forever. Why? Because contributing factors like environmental which is minerals in water, UV rays and pollutants in the air. Also mechanical factors such as the heat from your hairdryer, heated styling tools, heaters and air cons. That’s a lot of factors to ask your hair to stand up against right? Blonde hair requires a lot of extra love and care from specialized products to combat these colour draining factors.

We need to remove all those pollutants and minerals from your hair because these have made your hair go dull, flat and life less. Three words clarify, detoxify and cleanse! There are specialized shampoos to make this job easy for you. Here’s the ones I use in salon.

Teknia Perfect Cleanse Shampoo
This is a gentle shampoo that gives your hair and scalp a deep cleanse. It removes residue and impurities while keeping the structure of the hair intact. It leaves your hair soft, shiny and protected still while detoxifying. This is most definitely as the name suggests the ‘perfect cleanse’. Added bonus is this range is made with a vegan formula and is colorant, paraben and mineral oil FREE.

Nak Ultimate Cleanse Shampoo
It’s a powerful purifying shampoo that removes product build up and mineral residue from your hair. It revitalizes the scalp and hair with its strong cleaning properties. It would especially benefit everyone that is regularly exposed to chlorine, hard water or product overload. Nak also pride themselves on being a Vegan friendly range with most products being sulphate and paraben free.

What’s next? You guessed it, toning! This can be achieved with blonde shampoos, conditioners or treatments. Which one? This is best to be discussed with your hair stylist- that’s me of course! However I’ll give you a quick overview anyway just incase your pushed for time and wanting to know NOW. Depending on your color application - balayage, blonde, highlights - will depict what product is best for your hair. When making recommendations to my clients I do like to take into account the feel of the product, hair textures and condition of the hair - even I break the rules on occasion. Rebel - I know. For some of you my recommendations go against what I’m about to suggest but that’s what I call personalized a regime.
Balayage (your blonde is predominantly on your mid lengths to ends) then a conditioner/treatment based product would be better suited to your needs because your ends need more moisture.
Blonde may need just the shampoo or just the conditioner/treatment depending on the tone, condition and styling of your hair.
Highlights usually need both but again this depends on the shade of blonde, condition and also if we are working towards a goal colour.

Now that you have clarified your hair and removed the built up residue, next we counteract those brassy tones that have taken permanent residence on your hair. Below is my collection of highly favored products to achieve this.

Teknia white silver shampoo & mask
These stunning products are a packed deal! They need to be used together with a clarify shampoo to reap the rewards of what they have to offer. The shampoo revives and recovers your blonde hair with its deep violet pigmented formula (without the risk of ‘blue rinse’ look). The mask offers a brightening and toning effect of blonde, grey and highlights while providing your hair with much needed protection, repair and moisture while leaving it shiny, smooth and soft. Oh my! The delicate floral with hints of fruity and tropical smells is a real treat for your senses!

Nak Platinum Blonde Shampoo
If you find yourself needing to ‘call in the heavy artillery’, then this is the right product for you. This platinum blonde shampoo has a tone factor of 8 out of 10. It’s the highest in the NAK range and it’s highly concentrated, intensive blue-violet pigments that provide MAXIMUM toning, creating cool even grey and pastel tones on even the most stubborn hair types. It’s pretty much toner in a bottle.
This partners up nicely with ultimate treatment or Replends Moisture Mask, to pamper those ends to the ‘royal treatment’.

Nak Blonde Plus Shampoo
With being the sister of platinum blonde shampoo and it definitely has ‘middle child’ syndrome because it’s not as heavy duty as it’s older sibling but don’t underestimate what it has to offer with a tone factor of 6 out of 10 it still counteracts the warm tones in your hair with ease but can can be used more frequently without over-toning. Suited to more blonde tones such as beige, vanilla and creamy.

Aromas Blonde Shampoo and Conditioner
This luxurious duo is one that shouldn’t be separated. A rich cream cleanser and conditioner are designed to softly remove warm, yellow and golden tone while never over-toning.Enriched with almond milk proteins and hydrating botanicals, its nourishing and moisturizing enough for daily use.

Evo Fabuloso Intensifying Conditioner
It’s in the name, this product is definitely fabulous! It only needs to be left on 1-3 minutes then BOOM your hair is soft, smooth and shiny. It’s does come in a variety of shades but for the purpose of this,I will only be talking about Platinum Blonde and Light Beige as they are designed to extend the life of your colour and they most certainly don’t disappoint!

Nak Platinum Blonde Treatment
Lastly we mustn’t forget this ..Tones . Hydrates. Softens and repairs all in 60 seconds. This is definitely a life saver. This can follow a Blonde shampoo for extra toning and nourishment or after use of your regular shampoo for a moderate toning.

Congratulations if you’ve made it this far, I know it was novel but we had a lot of ground to cover and an appointment time is not long enough time to cover all this valuable content.I can tell that you are ready to jump in and start using these products, just remember to follow the directions on the back of the product. Exactly as if we were to assemble kit set furniture because we all know what happens when we skip a step. If you want some guidance selecting the right products for your hair, remember to send me a private message on facebook
I promise won’t leave you on hold for hours. I look forward to next time, hopefully it will be when you are sitting in my chair. K x